About Us

Welcome onboard.
Not only does Celebrity Cruises have one of the youngest, most innovative fleets at sea. We also employ visionary architects, top interior designers and even landscape artists to ensure you’re surrounded by beauty at every level. We’ve completely redefined what you can expect of a luxury holiday. It’s why we’re the critic’s choice, winning award after award.

What’s Modern Luxury?

In today’s quickly changing world, we stay ahead of the crowd to make sure you have the most extraordinary holiday possible. It’s why we’ve created light and airy spaces with exceptional details. Half an acre of real grass lawn, in the middle of the ocean. Stunning restaurants where the vibe is as appealing as the globally inspired cuisine. And warm and intuitive service that gives you exactly what you need, moments before you even knew you wanted it. All so you can fill every day with as much excitement (or relaxation) as you choose. Because we believe every moment of your holiday should be measured by just how far it takes you from the ordinary.
That’s Modern Luxury.