Buenos Aires, Argentina

If only one word could be used to describe this vibrant and richly cosmopolitan city, it would be ‘mosaic’. Stroll along broad thoroughfares, like the Plaza de Mayo, where famed first lady Evita Perón led fervent crowds to petition for her husband’s release from prison. Before sure to visit Pirámide de Mayo, the oldest of the city’s many national monuments.

Cartagena, Colombia

The old city of Cartagena projects the feel of a picture-perfect, Spanish colonial village with cathedrals like Iglesia de Santo Domingo dominating the skyline. Las Bóvedas, the old military dungeons, have been converted to shops, and the string of old fortresses provide great vantage points from which to enjoy the harbour.

Montevideo, Uruguay

You’ll fi nd it easy to get around this walking-friendly city bursting with open-air cafés, museums, art galleries and European-inspired squares. But for something different, spend the day on a working ranch learning aboutthe daily chores of the gaucho (cowboy) and enjoying a typical barbeque lunch complete with Uruguayan wines, traditional folk songs and dance.

Paradise Bay, Antarctica

The name aptly refl ects the stunning beauty you’ll fi nd here, just as the clear waters beautifully refl ect spectacular mountains such as Rojas Peak, Bryde Peak, and the Petzvol Glacier. Within these waters we may see Minke whales feeding, or Gentoo penguins curiously observing us from the rocky shores.

Puerto Montt, Chile

Imagine sipping some cool Chilean white wine after testing your skills on a trout fishing expedition to the Rio Maullin. There’s also the chance to take a guided journey on a four-wheel drive vehicle to the Orsono Volcano. There you’ll be able to take a short walk and make the most of the splendid photo opportunities of the panoramic views.

Valparaíso, Chile

One of the world’s most picturesque ports and especially striking from the sea, Valparaíso appears to hang on precipitous cliff s. Muchof the city is a maze of alleys, winding streets, connecting stairs and funicular railcars called ‘ascensores’ — if you’ve never ridden one, you’re in for a treat! Only a few miles out of Valparaiso lies Chile’s Casablanca valley, where you can treat yourself to a tasting of top quality wines before returning via the idyllic beach resort of Viña del Mar.