From morning until night, there are literally hundreds of different activities happening on a Celebrity cruise ship.
So how do you find out about them? And more importantly, which ones would be right for you?
We’ve divided them into different categories-Taste, Learn, Revive and Play.
With everyone so busy in everyday life, it’s not always possible to enjoy the things you love to do. During a cruise is the perfect time.

Celebrity iLounge℠

Provide Interesting classes featuring MacBook Pro®, iPods®, iPads® and iLife® software. All in Celebrity iLounge only.

Wine – Tasting

Riedel® Comparative Wine Crystal Workshop. Discover the difference the shape and quality a Riedel glass makes to the enjoyment of wine.Food & Wine Pairing workshop illustrates how food and wine pairing can create a sensational taste experience that is greater than either the food or wine alone. Learn about the fundamentals of food and wine chemistry and the way food and wine interact as you sample contrasting pairings.