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Celebrity Cruises delivers an elevated premium vacation experience across our fleet of ships travelling to nearly 300 destinations across more than 70 countries spanning all seven continents. Uniquely offering the intimate feel and thoughtful service of small ships, with the variety and excitement of bigger ones - guests can explore the world or get away from it for a little while. With every detail elevated beyond expectations, guests will never want to vacation any other way. An industry pioneer for 35 years, each Celebrity vacation offers experiences you won’t find anywhere else aboard ships which continue to shatter industry expectations with the highly anticipated Celebrity Xcel arriving Fall 2025.


Celebrity Cruises has sailed the world countless times, knowing every destination like the back of our hand. We approach each guest with utmost dedication, striving to create delightful vacation experiences. We take great pleasure in enjoying every journey at sea, just like everyone else. Join us and set sail together on an unforgettable adventure!


We are Witty, Playful, Confident, Relatable and Knowledgeable.

Set Sail on the Best Cruise Ships with Celebrity Cruises to Enjoy the World at Our Service

Embark on an elevation journey with Celebrity Ascent, Edge, Apex, and Beyond – the industry‘s most innovative ships. Experience awe-inspiring spaces and avant-garde design that redefine cruising. Indulge in 29 exceptional dining options, including the lush oasis of Eden. Enjoying a martini  while relax on the Resort Deck's hot tub or the adults-only Solarium. Prepare to be captivated by the unparalleled experiences offered aboard our ships. Why search for any other way to fulfill your dream of travel?


A dedicated team of professionals from over 50 countries around the world is committed to providing exceptional service, ensuring that your entire vacation experience, from ship to shore, is personalized. Celebrity Cruises is the first sea resort to be Star Rated by Forbes Travel Guide, and with a guest-to-staff ratio of 2:1, we are always one step ahead in anticipating your every need. From our dedicated Retreat butlers and team, who provide impeccable service, to our experienced sommeliers who expertly pair each dish with the perfect wine, our service is seamless, as if we can understand your every thought.

On our Edge series ships, you can experience the allure of Infinite Veranda® staterooms. With just a push of a button, you can fully open your veranda, immersing yourself in an outdoor space connected to the sea. In The Retreat, you can indulge in the iconic suites located above the bridge, offering unbeatable ocean views from your room, living area, balcony, and pool. You can also choose the beautifully lit two-story Edge Villas, featuring expansive outdoor spaces and a private pool, allowing you to bask in abundant natural light.

Our world-class dining experience brings the flavors and cuisines of diverse destinations directly to your table. In our main dining venues, you can savor delectable dishes featuring global cuisine and classic flavors, with menus refreshed daily. For a special evening, you can gather with loved ones in specialty restaurants like Fine Cut Steakhouse, Tuscan Grille, and Le Voyage. Food enthusiasts can indulge in signature dishes by our global culinary brand ambassador, Daniel Boulud, at Luminae, the private restaurant in The Retreat. Alternatively, you can savor a five-course meal at Chef's Table, hosted in Chef Daniel Boulud's private kitchen.

Our luxury cruise ships offer entertainment activities suitable for different ages and preferences. Immerse yourself in captivating performances in our state-of-the-art theater, featuring stunning lighting effects and stages. Enjoy popular music, dazzling dance routines, and gravity-defying acrobatics. Additionally, you can participate in wine tasting events hosted by professional sommeliers or join a hot glass workshop to create your own unique artwork. Children traveling with you can engage in customized activities at Camp at Sea, our onboard children's paradise. For a romantic experience, arrange a picnic at the Lawn Club on the top deck, where you can relax on a half-acre of real grass while admiring the breathtaking ocean views.

Indulge in a luxurious and leisurely vacation at our ocean-based resort. Shop at your leisure in boutique stores, enjoying a relaxed afternoon. Savor handcrafted cocktails on the Magic Carpet or beneath the rooftop garden. Dance under the stars and try your luck at the casino for an exciting day. For health-conscious individuals like you, pamper yourself at the spa or engage in various fitness activities, including yoga and workouts, at the fitness center. Our award-winning cruise ships have everything you need and more.

Our Values

While we strive to provide you the best vacation possible, we also care about making positive changes in the lives of our guests and employees as well as sustaining the environment and leaving the world a better place.
Through our involvement in a diverse array of charitable organizations and activities—from local initiatives in the communities in which we live and work to global projects that affect millions—we aspire to open up the world to make people’s lives better.

Our Commitments

Our sustainability goals address key issues important to our business, including emissions reduction, waste, water and sustainable sourcing. As mariners on the world's oceans, we at Celebrity Cruises know we have a special obligation to protect our environment. The sustainability of our planet is dependent on clean seas and pure air. It is central to our guests' vacation experience, and is at the core of our commitment to continually improve our environmental stewardship practices.

Environmental Stewardship

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A Journey to Zero Waste

We are committed to achieving zero waste across our fleet. Through our "Green Center" waste management program, 85% of waste is recycled, reused, or sent to energy recovery facilities. Our ships are equipped with shredders, balers, and compactors, enabling us to divert 100% of waste outside of landfills whenever port facilities permit.

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Shore Power

Shore power enables our ships to reduce emissions to nearly zero while docked at ports. Currently, four ships in our fleet are equipped with shore power technology, allowing them to utilize local electrical grids and significantly save on fuel consumption during port stays. Every new Celebrity Cruise ship introduced in the future will be equipped with shore power technology.

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Edge Series

Our Edge series ships are equipped with several emission reduction features that allow for a 20% decrease in fuel consumption compared to our previous generation of ships. Other features include emission scrubbing systems that can remove approximately 98% of sulfur dioxide emissions and selective catalytic reduction systems that can remove approximately 97% of nitrogen oxide emissions.

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Experience enhanced energy efficiency with our fleet-wide transition to longer-lasting fluorescent and LED lights. These advanced lighting solutions consume 80% less energy, generate 50% less heat, and have extended lifespans. By replacing higher wattage halogen and incandescent bulbs, we contribute to reduced energy consumption and more efficient air conditioning. Join us in embracing this eco-friendly lighting revolution for a greener future.

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Renewable Energy Sources

Our groundbreaking Solstice series, launched in 2008, proudly introduced solar power technology on board, marking a significant industry milestone. By utilizing solar panels, we reduce our reliance on fossil fuel-derived energy and embrace cleaner, more sustainable power sources. Join us on our eco-conscious journey, where innovation and environmental responsibility unite for a greener cruising experience.



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High-Efficiency Appliances

We have installed high-efficiency appliances throughout our ships to minimize climate impact and reduce energy consumption. Every appliance on board, including TVs, coffeemakers, ice makers, ovens, and dishwashers, is being evaluated for efficiency. Join us in our commitment to sustainability and enjoy a greener cruising experience.

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Energy-Efficient Windows

Our fleet features specially glazed window films that prevent solar heat penetration, reducing the need for excessive air conditioning and saving energy. Join us for a sustainable and comfortable cruising experience.


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Hull Coatings

We are applying a new type of silicone coating on the hull, which is an innovative and environmentally friendly solution that enhances the smoothness of the ship's surface. By creating a smoother hull, we can reduce the energy consumption required during navigation.



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Propulsion and Hull Design

Our innovative hull design and propulsion systems offer significant energy savings. Ships equipped with Common Rail Diesel Engines reduce both energy consumption and NOX emissions at all engine loads. Join us for an efficient and eco-friendly cruising experience.

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Heating, Ventilation, and AC

Our ships are equipped with the most efficient air conditioning equipment, coupled with improvements in system design and automation, to provide optimal performance.






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Operation Conservation Measures

Our environmental policies guide both our shipboard and shoreside employees in beneficial environmental practices. Our crewmembers are an integral part of our energy-conservation efforts. Staff and guests are advised to turn off lights, water and appliances when not needed, adjust temperature thermostats to comfortable levels when no one is present and using towels and bed linens more than once before laundering.


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Fresh Water Consumption

We ask our crewmembers and guests to help us conserve water whenever possible. To help reduce the energy needed to produce fresh water, we have installed water-reduction technology and appliances throughout our fleet to reduce the use of water-producing equipment that consumes fuel or electricity. These features include sink aerators, showerheads, reduced-flow dishwashers and low-consumption laundry equipment.


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Advanced Wastewater Purification

We installed Advanced Wastewater Purification (AWP) systems throughout the fleet. These technologically advanced systems are designed to clean the wastewater generated onboard our ships to create clean water that exceeds ship wastewater discharge standards throughout the world and meet EU treatment standards. We produce up to 90% of the fresh water on board our ships.


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